History of the area

Tower Bridge Road was originally called Bermondsey New Road and ran into Bermondsey Street, until Tower Bridge was built in 1894. The road was then extended past Bermondsey Street and ran all the way to Tower Bridge.

Interesting Fact: The total cost of constructing the Tower Bridge was £1,184,000, which is equivalent to £100 million as of 2013!

Tower Bridge Road was home to an abundance of antique shops along part of its length. Bermondsey Square hosts the famous antiques market every Friday, locally known as ‘Bermondsey Market’, but is officially named as ‘The New Caledonian Market’, which originated from Caledonian Road, Islington in 1950. The thriving market stretched from Bermondsey Street and along Tower Bridge Road (this can be seen in the video below ‘Tower Bridge Road Market 1931’).


Bermondsey Abbey (1082-1538) which was referred to in the Domesday Book and was founded as a Priory of the order of Cluny existed on the present site of Bermondsey Square, Grange walk and Abbey Street. St Mary Magdalen churchyard which runs along Abbey St, Long lane and Tower Bridge Road was once a part of the Abbey. St Mary Magdalen is a Grade II listed parish church and is the oldest building in Bermondsey. (For more detailed information visit stmarysbermondsey.org.uk)

Towards the southern end of the High Street lies a collection of independent shops, restaurants and a pub. There are many well established independent businesses here, such as the famous pie and mash shop, M. Manze and one of London’s oldest tandoori restaurants, Tower Tandoori.

There were many big name businesses on or just off Tower Bridge Road, these include Hartley’s Jam Factory in Rothsay Street, which employed over 2000 people from the area, Sarson’s Vinegar in Tanner Street / Tower Bridge Road and Hovis Bread.

Trocette Mansions was home to Trocette Cinema and the Horse Shoe Public House.

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